How long does the process take?

We are here to assist you in every way we can. We set up a recruitment plan for each of our candidates. Depending on available positions we aim for a timeframe between 12 to 15 weeks.

Once we have your application we submit it to our client and liaise with them to set up an interview.  Once you have accepted joboffer we can start the Visa application. Visa application can take up to 6 weeks. We recommend not to give your notice to your current employer until your visa is issued.

What will it cost you?

Our services are free for our candidates as we are remunerated by our client. There are still some expenses you will have to pay. Bear in mind we keep these to the minimum:

° Translation of qualifications
° Registration verification
° Medical Examinations (reimbursed)
° Saudi Embassy visa fee (reimbursed)
° Police clearance
° Registration with the Saudi Council for Health Specialties

King Khaled Eye Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

 How will I be interviewed?

One of our Recruiters will call you for a pre-screen interview, after we’ve received your application.

Most interviews with the hospitals are set up via Skype. We recommend you practice this with a friend. Make sure you are accustomed to skype so you are not intimidated by the technical part of the interview. You will be asked general questions about why you want to work in Saudi Arabia, about your qualifications and job experience. Make sure you know your CV by heart. There will be some clinical questions related to your specialty.

Remember that you have the skills and expertise. Our clients WANT to offer you a job, otherwise they would not be interviewing you. Just answer the questions as calm and focused as possible.

Do I need to pass an English test?

Yes, if your mother tongue is not English. Thymic Europe will give you a test which checks your Grammar, listening and medical terminology. Refer to Candidates downloads & documents.

What is the working language of the hospital?


All official communication between healthcare professionals in the hospital is in English. Patients may speak Arabic, but interpreters are available to translate it for you.

Is there an orientation programme when I arrive?

Yes, each hospital has a slightly different orientation programme. Most orientation programmes take about 2 to 3 weeks. The GNO (General Nursing Orientation) consists of a review of the hospitals nursing policy and procedures, the hospital standard CPR course and medication administraiton policies and general information about life in the Kingdom. Full details will be given to you with your job offer.

Is it true that the hospital takes my passport upon arrival?

Yes, they do, but this is sadly often misunderstood and causes unnecessary worry to some people.

In Saudi Arabia everybody needs to have an ID Card called IQUAMA (see also what to expect). This takes about 3 weeks to obtain and hospitals Government Affairs staff will do this for you, and they need your passport to facilitate this. Once your Iquama is issued, and your 3 months probation period is over, you can apply for multiple exit and re-entry visas.

The hospital staff will need your passport for that as well. The hospital is responsible for its staff so they need to know where you are. Government Affairs holds your passport for safe keeping. So if you want to travel for the weekend for instance to Dubai or Bahrain, you can hand in your iquama and they will hand you your passport.

For safety reasons you should let them know when you plan to come back. If the passport is not handed back they know to go looking for you.

Am I allowed to travel?

Yes, after your first 3 months of probationary period you are free to apply for multiple exit and re-entry visas. The first 3 months you’ll be very busy with getting settled in your new home, the hospital orientation, lab skills etc. Most of our candidates take a holiday just after the first 90 days.

What if there is an emergency at home during my probationary period?

Of course you can leave the country during the probationary period if there is an emergency situation at home. The hospital has the allocated staff to help you sort this out.

Do I need a visa everytime I leave the country?

You need a visa each time you leave the country and it is free of charge.

Do I need to register with Saudi Commission for Health Specialities (SCFHS)?

Yes. The hospital will assist you with your registration with the Saudi Council. It is important you have all the relevant documents in order to do so, such as transcripts of training of all your qualifications and certificates of employment of all your previous and current or most recent employment. Don't panic. Thymic Europe will assist you with this. Our consultants request the employment letters and transcripts from your previous employers.

Costs associated with the registration SCFHS are your responsibility. We also recommend you already complete the online registration with the Saudi Council prior to your move to Saudi on

Upon your arrival in the airport of Saudi Arabia...

You will wear a badge - issued by Thymic Europe - to enable your 'Meet and Greet' representative to identify you from the crowd. Go to Immigration to have your passport stamped. If it is your first entry they will take fingerprints and a photo. After you have passed the immigration, give your passport to the airport guards. They will find your 'meet and greet' representative if he hasn't already found you. The driver will take you to your assigned housing accommodation, where a coordinator will take you to your flat and hand you the keys. He/she will give you a letter with instructions on how to reach the hospital the next working day. A package of food is ready upon your arrival, as well as the necessary linen and towels for your personal use.

Is it true that the weekend is on Friday and Saturday?

It is indeed!